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Welcome to FenceDB!

FenceDB is a fencing results database, available on the internet. It contains information about international FIE world cup events, as well as results from the French national circuit events. In the future, it might contain more results: it depends on how many people are interested in it and how many people will submit results to it. As of now, it is not a web based fencing tournament software. As such, it does not help you create pools of fencers or organize DE tables. You can only view those from past tournaments. There may be a module in the future that will allow you to do this and more, but for the moment the information here is only read-only, except for a few people that have been given permission to do so. Try it out now!

11/30/2003 by veeco The new home page has been created. Some of the links may be inaccurate or not live yet. I will post more content here as it becomes ready.


12/02/2003 by veeco I am looking for a logo. If you have some time and a flair for artistic catchy designs, don't hesitate to email me. All ideas are welcome.

12/05/2003 by veeco I have posted some documentation regarding fXML, the format used by FenceDB to exchange data. You can read about it here.